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Biohacking is the act of hacking your biology in order to maximize your biological potential. Biohacking often takes place during the process of hormesis whereby the body is exposed to short bouts of healthy stress in order to receive an abundance of physiological benefits. Such may include during the process of physical exercise or exposing yourself to extreme temperatures for a safe extended period of time such as during the process of cryotherapy.

Our health is strongly correlated to how healthy our mitochondria are. Half of the population below the age of 40 experience early onset mitochondrial dysfunction, but little do most people know, we can bio hack our mitochondria to become more effective and efficient at creating energy, reducing inflammation and enhancing the process of mitochondria biogenesis (where our old mitochondria is replaced by new mitochondria).

Regular cryotherapy allows for the biohacking of our body through:

  • Brown Adipose Tissue:   Is the fat within out body that generates heat and works to burn calories. It is the goof fat within our body and has a high mitochondrial content and thus it is the healthy fat located within our bodies. The process of Cryotherapy allows for the body to transform white fat tissue into brown adipose tissue, increasing mitochondrial content, the fat we need within our body to promote a healthy metabolism and heat generation.


  •   Norepinephrine:  Is a natural chemical within our bodies and is released into our blood stream during the process of cryotherapy due to the fright and flight mode the body puts itself within when we enter extreme temperatures for a short period of time. Norepinephrine works to improve our focus, mood, relieve pain and work as an anti-inflammatory.


  •  Inflammation:  The process of cryotherapy works to reduce inflammation within the body through eliminating the initial cause of cell injury, clearing out dead cells and tissue damage caused by original insult. Cryotherapy further initiates tissue repair and reduces inflammatory cytokines within our body.


  •  Immune Function:  The short spouts of extreme coldness associated with Cryotherapy increase the functioning of the immune system through providing an increase in lymphocytes, cytotoxic T lymphocytes and natural killer T cells, all of which are involved in fighting off diseases, infections and viruses.


  •  Activates Antioxidant Systems:  Allowing for the cleaning and replenishing of the damaged cells within the mitochondria furthermore decreasing the risk of diseases such as cancers and heart disease


Taylored Cryotherapy is a local practice within the Hills District who are passionate about people getting the most out of their bodies and health. We believe that Cryotherapy has something to offer everyone who is looking to improve their quality of life. For any questions / to book an appointment please contact us on 9659 4540.