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Performance Recovery

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Cryotherapy prior to performance is highly effective in priming the body for optimal performance allowing increased energy levels, flexibility, vitality, metabolic rate and fat burning. The unbelievable effects of cryotherapy on the body are proven to allow for a significant increase in athlete’s performance levels, providing a competitive advantage by allowing athletes to not only recover at a faster rate, but to also increase their performance levels within a shorter time frame.

Cryotherapy aids in instigating muscle repair and recovery following exercise. Delayed onset muscle soreness is usually a result of micro tears within the muscle resulting in soreness, inflammation, pain and a delayed recovery. Three minutes within the cryosauna aids in relieving pain naturally and instantly by slowing down the nerve impulses sent to the brain that identify pain. Cryotherapy further reduces the constriction of blood vessels therefore reducing swelling and allowing the body to fight against inflammation reducing soreness associated with post-performance. Finally, through aiding the body to recover from muscle soreness at an increased rate, it prevents athletes from experiencing pain for an extended period of time and therefore allows them to recover at a quicker rate and more intensely than they would have been able to prior, without the use of cryotherapy.

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Cryotherapy is also highly effective in accelerating healing and recovery post-surgery and for injuries. Cryotherapy stimulates circulation, carrying the essential healing agents within the blood such as oxygen, nutrients and enzyme rich to soft tissue, allowing for accelerated healing to areas of soft tissue damage. Cryotherapy prevents the swelling and inflammation of injuries and reducing swelling associated with surgery, decreasing the amount of pain associated with the injury. A session every 3-5 day over a few weeks is optimal for healing and being able to get back into motion and allowing athletes to feel fitter and faster, although a noticeable difference is prevalent after just one session. Three minutes within the cryosauna can have the same effect as hours of regular methods of treatment and recovery.

Taylored Cryotherapy now affords you the same opportunity as Professional sports people. Why do professional sports people all over the world across multiple sports use cryotherapy? Simply because it works. It allows them to spend more time on the practice court/field refining their craft working with the coaches. It allows them to recover more quickly. Importantly they miss less competition game time. Even the weekend warrior can benefit from less down time through injury and better ability to last the whole game.

“The cryo sauna is so much quicker and less painful than an ice bath, I felt awesome and re- energised immediately. ” – Jordan Ford

Don’t take our word for it. Read what the Leicester Physio said in the year they defied all the sceptics and won the English Premier League As per the article in The Telegraph 13/04/2016

“This cryotherapy unit affords us the opportunity to return players to fitness fast. Coaches then get more time with the players to work on the games. It’s become central to a player’s adaptation [their recovery and physical development between matches]. It affects the central nervous system and we notice big hormonal changes in players – changes in mood too.”

“From a physio’s point of view, I’m impressed with the therapy’s ability to shut down the acute soft tissues injuries much faster.”

The Watford Football Sports Scientist (Ben Dixon) explains that the treatment uses the body’s natural reaction to cold temperatures to enrich the blood and rejuvenate the player. When exposed to the minus -135°C temperatures the brain, realising the body cannot maintain its normal body temperature (37°C) in these conditions, triggers a process called vasoconstriction. Blood vessels narrow and inflammation and swelling naturally reduce. Afterwards the process of vasoconstriction reverses to vasodilation.

“This begins the process of vasodilation, flushing the body’s extremities with blood enriched with hormones,” – explains Dixon.