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Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially cryotherapy is for anyone and everyone! Whether you are an athlete, enjoy regular exercise, are looking to enhance your health and wellness, or seeking a natural remedy to injuries and pain, cryo is for you! Furthermore, if you experience stress, poor sleep, low energy levels or skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, cryotherapy could be your cure! We have people in the cryo sauna each day who are using it for different reasons. Everybody is unique.

Absolutely! Although the temperature within the cryosauna is extremely cool, it is only cold air that is chilled using nitrogen. Nitrogen makes up around 80% of the air we breathe. The process is only three minuets at most, and because the cooling technique is cool air rather than cold water, the process is so much more bearable and safer. Your body temperature is changed only at the surface; thus, the internal temperature during treatment remains constant throughout the session. In addition a trained cryo technician is in the room for the duration of the session.  

There is nothing you really have to do in preparation for your cryotherapy session. It is a simple and quick process that requires no preparation whatsoever on your part.

Professional athletes on an intense training schedule use cryotherapy daily. 1-3 treatments a week are highly effective for most people. When you visit us at Taylored Cryotherapy we assess your reasons for cryotherapy use and can give you an indication depending on your needs. Cryotherapy is highly effective and should be used prior events/races in order to increase flexibility, range of motion and blood & oxygen flow throughout the body. It should be used afterwards in order to increase soft tissue healing and prevent delayed muscle onset and clearing lactic acid.

Under garments such as underwear, bra’s and socks are essential during cryotherapy sessions. We provide robes, boots/slippers and gloves to be worn into the cryosauna. It is also important to bring a bottle of water to be consumed after your session. Drinking adequate amounts of water after a session works to clean toxins from the blood, helping to make the most of cryo sessions.

A cryo session takes 3 minutes. Although, by the time you incorporate time for getting changed and redressed, the process typically take about 5-10 minutes. It is a fast and effective method of recovery.

Yes, it is perfectly fine. It is common for athletes to use cryotherapy to their advantage in order to improve performance prior to a workout and recovery after a workout. Ensure that if you are exercising after a cryotherapy session you have adequately warmed up.

Cryotherapy is a far more bearable and productive method of cool treatments, in comparison to ice baths. The process of ice baths involves submerging yourself into cold water for 5-20 mins to increase circulation, decrease inflammation and promote recovery within the body. Cryotherapy utilises much cooler nitrogen air, and for a shorter amount of time. Cool air is far more bearable than cold water. Cryotherapy triggers the same healing agents as an ice baths, but at an increased rate due to the extreme temperatures the cryo sauna can access.