What to expect

Your session

Here at Taylored Cryotherapy we understand that just like any new experience, nerves may be associated with an upcoming first experience of cryotherapy. Outlined below is what you should bring to your cryotherapy session and our cryotherapy process here at Taylored Cryotherapy to ease any pre cryo nerves.

What to bring

The process of cryotherapy is made easier by the fact that you don’t actually need to bring anything for your session. As long as you have underwear and socks, we will supply you with everything else. You will be provided slippers/boots and gloves as it is essential to protect these extremities from the cold. You will also be provided a robe to be worn only into and out of the cryo sauna. Like any new experience it is important to bring a positive mindset to your first cryo session.

In the session

Our cryo technician will then work with you to determine the temperature the cryo sauna will be set at. Within our private dressing room, you will then remove clothing (leaving undergarments on), any metal or jewellery below the neck, and you will be provided a robe, slippers/boots and gloves.

Once you enter the cryosauna, we will have it pre-chilled for you to make every second count. You will then pass your robe to our cryo technician in exchange for a pair of gloves. The cryotherapy process will then take place, if you want to talk to help the time to pass, we are great at that, but if you would prefer to watch something particular on the television or listen to your favourite songs, we are also more than happy to arrange that. During this time the real magic happens, whereby the bodies natural processes are utilised and enhanced in order to benefit injury and recovery, health and wellness, along with relieving chronic aches and pain. As experienced firsthand and informed by almost every customer we have ever had, the three minuets absolutely flies by and the cryo experience is over just as you think it is getting started.

If you are in the cryosauna and begin to feel the temperature is too cold, we can instantly increase the temperature. If you decide you want to have a break or stop completely that is also totally fine and can be done, it is all about ensuring you are comfortable and enjoying the experience.


What to expect

When you first arrive, you will be welcomed and asked to fill out an online form by our cryotherapy technician. The form is used to ensure you are in the right condition for cryotherapy. If you are experiencing any of the following, cryotherapy is not safe for you:

Following the session

Finally, once your session is complete you will be handed back the robe before exiting the cryosauna and getting dressed within the private changeroom. We can promise that by the time you reach the front desk your body temperature will have just about reverted back to normal. Most customers can always feel the immediate energy boost that cryotherapy provides thanks to the incredible endorphin release cryotherapy provides. Some customers tell us about the immediate release of aches and pains, along with the fantastic night sleep they experience after a cryotherapy session.