Cryo & Immune system

The Immune system

The body’s immune system is responsible for defending the body against potentially harmful diseases, and conditions caused by bacterial, parasitic, fungal and viral infections. The immune system is also responsible for restricting tumours and cancerous growth within the body. When our immune system becomes weak we are more susceptible to illness and infections. Immune responses can be weakened by an array of various external influences, which may include:

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Cryo on the immune system

The use of cryotherapy is proven to be highly sufficient in boosting and providing balance within the immune system, decreasing the risk of infection and diseases. Within cryotherapy, the body is exposed to extreme and cold temperatures causing the body to contact the brain, indicating it is in danger. Due to this, the body sends out a rush of fresh and oxygen rich blood to the organs, as a method of protection. Once you have left the cryo sauna and your body begins to revert to its normal core temperature, the greater circulation of blood aids the process of removing toxins from the body at a greater rate. With less toxins within the blood, we are less susceptible to a decrease in the body’s immune system.