Cryo & Improved performance

Cryo for performance

Whole Body Cryotherapy is becoming increasingly popular among athletes. You may have noticed that many sports teams are utilising cryotherapy, including The NSW 2018 Blues, GWS Giants, NBA teams along with many of the Premier League teams. Cryotherapy is utilised for not only the recovery and health benefits associated with it, but for the natural increase in performance Cryotherapy provides.

Cryotherapy allows for a natural increase of flexibility, vitality, metabolic rate and fat burning. The unbelievable effects of cryotherapy on the body are proven to allow for a significant increase in athlete’s performance levels, providing a competitive advantage by allowing athletes to not only recover at a faster rate, but to also increase their performance levels within a shorter time frame.


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Peaking and tapering


Peaking at the perfect time for a competition is a strategic and calculated plan. Whole Body Cryotherapy can provide an edge and help athletes peak mentally and physically for performance.


Tapering refers to the reduction of training days or a week before an important competition and is essential for optimal performance. Tapering allows for re fuelling the body and better aerobic performance, increased endurance and motivation. Whole body cryotherapy increases the effectiveness of tapering through reducing acute and chronic pain, reducing recovery time, supporting the immune system, and increasing endorphins.

Cryotherapy for performance

Cryotherapy causes a reduction of inflammation and supply of fresh and oxygen rich blood to areas of injury, reducing pain and recovery time. Cryotherapy creates a strengthened immune system, preventing sickness and infections, allowing athletes to be in a healthy state for optimal performance. Cryotherapy allows for an increase in endorphins as it is a natural instinct of the body and is utilised as a survival tactic. Increased endorphins allow for increased energy levels and positive thoughts, both of which are critical in strong performance. Cryotherapy naturally stimulates an increase in natural testosterone levels, which is responsible for increased muscle mass, weight control and increased energy, all of which benefits the performance of males and females.