Cryo & Recovery


Following training and performance, it is important to ensure you are providing yourself every chance and opportunity possible by reducing recovery times, which essentially works to improve performance. Recovery can be a difficult process as it can be time consuming, different methods are commonly ineffective and it can cause much frustration for athletes.

At Taylored Cryotherapy we are passionate about performance and recovery. Luckily, we have a quick, three-minute process that works to reduce inflammation around injuries, reduce the symptoms of DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness), relieves the pain of injuries naturally and aids in the stimulation of essential healing agents within the blood, cryotherapy!

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Cryo for recovery

Cryotherapy works to remove inflammation from the body. Inflammation can keep athletes from training and competing often causing the swelling of joints, joint pain and stiffness, as well as a loss of joint function. Cryotherapy works to fight against inflammation and swelling through reducing the constriction of blood vessels. Cryotherapy further aids in breaking down and flushing toxins and dead skin cells from the blood and body.

Cryotherapy revitilizes the body through providing new and fresh blood that carries healing agents such as oxygen, and that is nutrient and enzyme rich to soft tissue, which allows for accelerated healing and revitalization to areas of soft tissue damage.

Cryotherapy instigates and accelerates the body’s processes of recovery and athletes are able to feel stronger, pain free and have a greater range of mobility faster than they would be able to with the use of regular methods of treatment and recovery. Three minutes within the cryo sauna can have the same effect as hours of regular methods of treatment and recovery. With the use of cryotherapy, less down time means you are able to get back sooner and at a higher intensity and quality, without symptoms of stiffness and pain, and are therefore able to see progress and improvement at a faster rate.

Cryo for enhanced performance

Cryotherapy is not only beneficial for improving recovery times, it aids in priming the body for enhanced performance. Cryotherapy the day of an event or trial works to boost energy levels, adrenaline, flexibility and metabolic rate. Cryotherapy allows the body to access an optimal state for performance.

Cryotherapy is not only available to elite athletes, it is a highly affordable and accessible form of performance enhancement and method of treatment and recovery that has an array of benefits, allowing athletes to have a real competitive advantage.